Something that should be talked about more

Something that should be talked about more is zero waste protective sex. How can we prevent getting pregnant without buying single-use plastic packaging or pumping our bodies full of hormones?
Motivated by zero waste and health reasons, I decided to go off the birth control pill. I’d been on the pill for almost 15 years. That’s half my life and basically all of my adult life. My hormones are slowly starting to balance out again, but I’m left with a lack of options for the sexy time… Bar in the arm? No way.

I’m done with hormones. Barbed wire in the snatch? There’s no way I’m putting a piece of metal in my taco. No thank you… Get the snip? Sure!! But that’s super invasive and doctors have tried to deter us because they believe we’re too young (we’re both 30). So, what do we do!? We play it as safe as possible for as long as we can and then finally resort to buying these… At this point, we’re seeing condoms as part of ‘medical’ plastics. I’d love to hear how others approach this.

Thanks to @simplyzerowaste for bringing up this topic earlier in the week.