Zero waste sickness

A topic I’d love to hear more about is zero waste sickness. I’ve had great health since starting zero waste because I’m eating well, am looking after myself and am more mindful. But what about the serious illnesses? What about the times when natural medicine can’t cure you? Sometimes medical plastics are unavoidable. This is a plastic container stored inside another plastic container that is sealed inside a plastic ziplock bag.

It’s for poop …I’m relieved that I don’t have to use this but I was pretty amazed when my mate showed it to me. It makes me want to redesign the entire system. What if this was made of glass? What if we could take a sample in a similar way to a pregnancy test, but it’s somehow reusable? Or perhaps our wearable tech could offer enough insights that this kind of sample is less likely to be required?  Whatever the solution is, there comes a time in everyone’s life when the doctor says “Can I have some of your poo?” and you’ve just gotta ignore all the standards you’ve set for yourself and drop the kids off at the plastic pool.