Zero waste vegan snacks

Zero waste snacks

I’ve learnt that zero waste snacking requires a totally different frame of mind. Instead of being drawn to the colourful, shiny plastic packets in the supermarket and checkout shelves, I now snack on fruit slices, nuts, dried fruit, popcorn, chocolate covered macadamias/almonds and these veggie chips. It’s like being on a diet, except I don’t really care that most of it happens to be good for me.

All snacks are bought package free and really hit the spot. When I want to be glutenous, I go for the chocolate. When I want an excuse to shove salt in my face, I have popcorn. If I crave something and I can’t have it, I do something that every good parent tries to teach their kids: I just deal with it and go on living without having a treat. No tantrums from me! #winning

I also get eco brownie points because all my snacks happen to be vegan. Awww yiss. Hey Mother Nature, I got your back!